i caved and it felt really good

but i also feel like crap

i dunnoi just dont really want to do stuffor feel thingsmaybe just want to disappear for a whle

i dont understand why i feel so crapand why i suddenly hate everything so muchand why my chest always feels so tightand why im constantly in the brink of tearseverything hurts and i cant get a grip on anythingi keep flipping out over stupid stuff and i feel like everyone who looks just really fucking hates meand i hate me

do ypu ever really wanna do stuffbut then you thinkwhats the pointnobodys gonna give a shitcause ultimatelyno matter how it makes you feelgood or badcause it will always be over shadowed by all theother shitthe self loathingthat feeling that nobody around you likes youso you just sit back downand you dont do itand you just carry on as is

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I is for Interviews


dawhhdean ambrose


He was an awesome heel lol

punk you dickcm punk